How to Get Rid of Weeds : Helpful Tips

Raspberry Mulching & Weed Control

How I keep my Raspberry Patch weed free all year round.This time last year we planted some Raspberry canes in a previously unloved part of the garden.  1st year Raspberries never usually amount to much but there was 3 or 4 fruits per plant, they were excellent. Fast forward to February 2017 and below we have […]

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Secrets Revealed: The Perfect, Weed Free Lawn.

The Secrets of a Perfect, Weed Free Lawn. How do I get the perfect lawn?Get the basics right first.Monitor & improve your soil.Choose a suitable grass.Mow regularly but not too short.Water deeply but not too often.Weeds, weeds, everywhereHow to identify your weedsWhy do weeds grow in lawns?Common lawn weeds.Daisy.White Clover.Dandelion.Broad-leaved Dock.Creeping Thistle.Moss.Lesser Trefoil.Greater Plantain.Creeping Buttercup.Knotgrass.Common […]

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How to Kill Weeds on Hard Surfaces

Kill & Prevent Weeds on Hard Surfaces On DrivewaysOn Patios & PaversOn WallsOn Block PavingOn RoofsIn GuttersUnder DeckingOn TarmacOn Gravel AreasOn Paths Of all the steps involved in maintaining a healthy and flourishing garden, controlling the invasion of unwanted weeds can sometimes seem to be an ongoing battle.  Not only your flower beds but every […]

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How to Get Rid of English Climbing Ivy

Kill, Remove & Prevent Garden Ivy What you’ll needGarden shears and glovesHerbicideA disposal method Get rid of Ivy without chemicals Kill Ivy with weed killer How to prevent Ivy How to kill Ivy climbing trees Get rid of Ivy growing across the ground How to get rid of Ivy on walls or fencingIvy, friend or foe? You decide. Evergreen and ever […]

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Organic Garden Weed Control for the Cheap & Lazy

Quick Navigation Why use organic methods?When to control weedsControlling weeds organicallyPrevention is the best cureHand weedingManual toolsCrowding outSalt & hot waterOrganic mulchingLandscaping fabricCorn gluten mealOrganic weed killer7 easy steps for the cheap & lazyThings you should avoid Why use organic methods?Many gardeners are extremely passionate about doing things the natural, organic way. It’s often cheaper […]

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Successful Mulching for Dummies

Succesful Mulching for Dummies What is mulch / mulching?Why do smart gardeners mulch?What are the benefits of mulching?What problems can occur?Types of mulch:Biodegradable mulches Newspaper / cardboardCompost / manureWood chippingsTree barkGrass clippingsNatural fibre carpetMixing mulchesNon-biodegradable mulches Synthetic carpetPolythene / plasticsLandscaping fabricStones / gravel / pebblesGlassWhere should I apply mulch?When should I apply mulch?How should I apply mulch?Cheap […]

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10 Tips to Survive the Battle with Weeds

Top 10 Tips for a Weed Free Garden in 2017As we head into a new gardening season for 2016, I was thinking about how we can reduce our time spent on weeding. It’s a common problem, we’re as guilty as anyone, putting off small weeding jobs which quickly become large ones because the weather isn’t […]

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6 Super Effective Homemade Weed Killers

Strongest homemade weed killers It sounds to good to be true!6 strong homemade weed killers1# Vinegar2# Salt3# Boiling hot water4# Bleach5# Newspaper or cardboard6# salt, vinegar & dish soapHow and where to use them?Be safe with home made weed killersWhat are the alternatives? It sounds to good to be true!Yes it is possible to make […]

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Hand Weeding Your Garden

How to Weed by Hand or Hoe 10 minutes a day, that’s it.How to get rid of weeds with your hands.Tools that can help.Do it sooner rather than later. 10 minutes a day, that’s it.Don’t laugh, it’s true. 10 minutes each day working in the garden will give you some exercise and keep your garden […]

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Easy & Effective Weed Control in a Vegetable Garden

Prevent Vegetable Garden Weeds Weeds, the enemy of gardeners.Preparation is key to prevention Physical weed barriersMulching the year beforeUsing cover cropsReduce plant spacingBuild a raised bed for low weedsGet rid of existing weedsRemoving weeds by hand or hoeUsing herbicides Weeds, the enemy of gardeners.You get rid of one weed and another pops up a few days […]

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The Strongest Weed Killer

The #1 Strongest Weed Killer How do weed killers work?What are some of the strongest?Glyphosate:Vinegar:Salt:Sodium ChlorateTriclopyrStrong weed killer, that kills everything it touches. Do you need it?I know many would rather not use weed killer, in most cases it simply isn’t necessary.  Hand weeding is often easier, quicker and just as effective, Pick the head and […]

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How to Prevent Weeds on Gravel Driveways

How to Kill & Prevent Weeds on Gravel Drives How do weeds grow in gravel?How can I prevent them?Using salt to prevent weeds in gravel:Using weed killer to prevent weeds in gravel:How do I permanently get rid of weeds in my driveway?What is the best weed killer for gravel drives? Get Rid of Drive Weeds Why […]

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