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This grows fast. It seriously does. Within two weeks there were shoots. Within a month there was full grass and I was shocked how quickly it had worked. The grass is a lighter green than your average green grass but seems sturdy. The grass blades are not weak in any way or too thin. I am happy with it as it helped to revive a dead lawn. Be sure to aerate and remove dead grass before spreading the new seeds.


Really good grass seed. I am not a keen gardener but this was very easy to use. Started to sprout in a week.  Would definitely buy again.

John Marks

This is incredible grass seed, it was growing within a week and ready to mow in three weeks. I bought it to re-grass the places where my dog had dug holes in the garden and it's filled in these patches seamlessly. It's nice, soft, lush grass too. I'd buy this again very happily.

judy parker

Great Product, I had some law turfed, but needed some seed for the bits around the edges and patches where moles had dug up. With little knowledge on how to grow grass, all I did was fork over the turf, water it, put the seeds down and gently forked over again. If you water every day (or if it rains) withiin a week you are getting green shoots and within 2 weeks I had 2 inch long grass. Much better than the usual brands, but this.

Steady Driver

This seed is by far the best I have ever bought. I had managed to kill off a strip of my lawn with the over zealous use of weed killer on my adjoining pathway so tried this product as an attempted fix. The results were amazing. Within less than 2 weeks the grass had grown to over 3 inches long and needed mowing. Thick and green, you can hardly see where new lawn meets old. Would highly recommend to anyone. 

Lesley Wickens

I used this in a very very shaded area of my garden where trees block almost all the light and I was shocked to see how well the grass grew after only a few days. The grass is now luscious green and thick and actually better than the rest of my lawn. Very very pleased with this product. Anyone trying to regrow grass in a shaded or worn area should use this as it really does work.

Daniel Davies

Great Product. I followed instructions and looked on the Web for some other guidance for sowing. Had 3 inches of Grass within 2.5 weeks and the Grass is thick and lush Green. Fantastic! Birds will go after the seeds though so make sure you follow the instructions and put some netting over.


Using this for patching due to dogs scratching small areas. Really pleased with the speed it germinated and is growing strongly. Arrived in quick time too. Would definitely use again. Now in the process of doing my other lawn so will be re-ordering soon.


I don't normally write reviews but am very pleased with this product. I used as per instructions during warm sunny conditions and kept it lightly watered daily. I confirm the new seed has started to grow in just 3 days. Most seed takes 1-2 weeks. Would definitely recommend this product.

judy parker

The package arrived earlier than estimated and well parceled. I bought some of this seed earlier in the year for my sons very patchy lawn and we were very impressed , it was better than the original grass so we ordered some more to improve the lawn overall. I would recommend this seed to anybody it is fabulous

Terence Smith

This was put down as directed and a couple of days later, it snowed. So, I didn't really expect to get anything out of it.
Some time later, it has actually taken really well. This not only had to deal with the snow, but also constant use in the area by 2 dogs, so I'm fairly impressed with it.

Nikki Pearce

Extremely pleased with this product!! In a week it started showing through the topsoil i sowed it on. (I used westland topsoil)I was so pleased with the end result that i bought another pack to complete the full length of my shared driveway and once again it showed growth within six days!! Brilliant!! I highly recommend this product.

Mrs Clements

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