Weed control essentials:

Weed Puller

Cheap and cheerful. Pull out weeds without bending down. Weeding made easy.

Weed Killer

Fast action Glyphosate based weed killer. Use only as a last resort. Always read label.

Weeding Brush

Tough & changeable. Brush away those weeds in between the cracks on paving.

Weeding Knife

Makes digging out deep rooted weeds in awkward places a whole lot easier.

Draw Hoe

Carbon steel with a handy gripper. Every good gardener needs at least hoe or two.

Soil PH Test

Soil PH levels are key to healthy lawn or garden. Test them and fix any problems quickly.


A good pair of secateurs should never be far away. For pruning and more.

Iron Sulphate

Long lasting lawn fertilizer that encourages strong, rich green, healthy growth.

Pressure Sprayer

Useful for watering, spraying pesticides, paint or even cleaning. A very handy tool. 

Garden Gloves

Save your hands! Stop splinters, cuts and nasty bacteria with a good pair of gloves.

Weed Puller #2

This one is a bit more expensive than the last but has more favourable reviews.

Fibre Pots

Every good gardener should have a case of these for starting their plants & veggies.

Trusty Spade

A good spade requires a good gardener. For digging, planting and composting.

Hardy Rake

Keep your lawn healthy and free from debris. Win the battle with weeds with a rake.

Weed Control 101.

Tired of weeds? Get the insider tips on how to eliminate them effectively.

Natural, Organic Weed Control.

Kill & prevent weeds with no chemicals.

Eliminate Weeds with Chemicals.

Sometimes the only things for it is a very strong commercial weed killer.

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