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Spring Lawn Rejuvenation Pack

  • Give your lawn the ultimate Spring boost! Packed full of all the nutrients your grass needs to flourish, survive and thrive. A poorly nourished lawn is susceptible to disease, moss, weeds, and looks DULL - rest easy knowing your lawn will be the envy of the neighbourhood!

  • Repair and rejuvenate. Give it a new lease of life! Repair bald spots and overseed your lawn with our lush, fast-growing "grow anywhere" grass seed. Your lawn will look brand new in no time at all, sun shade or shine it grows perfect every time!

  • Say goodbye to lawn moss & weeds! A unique formula that not only annihilates weeds and moss, it also prevents them from regrowing, allowing your lawn to breathe and flourish. With just one easy application, you'll have a lawn that's thick, lush, and full of vibrant green grass.

  • Outstanding results with minimal effort: Achieve the professional-looking lawn you thought was only achievable by experts. No hard work required on your part, your lawn will have a new lease of life and be the envy of all your neighbours! Get ready to enjoy a stunning, lush lawn that will have everyone talking.

Each pack contains:

  1. Grow anywhere grass seed. Fast growing, hard wearing seed for fixing bald patches and overseeding, this is highly recommended in the Spring to keep your lawn looking "tip top" throughout the year.

  2. Starter fertiliser: This encourages strong root growth, especially important during the colder, wetter, grimmer Spring months.

  3. Shake no rake. Eliminates weeds, moss & provides all the nutrients your lawn needs for continued healthy growth.

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The pictures say one thousand words. It didn't take much work, just a little patience, the first pictures was Early March, the next is late April, I'm very pleased with the result, customer service and the product.





As you can see it has worked wonders on my lawn with the before and after photos. Will and have recommended this, well worth the purchase.

David Richardson

Don't just take our word for it

Customer reviews:

This works fast. It seriously does. Our dogs trashed the lawn over the winter and the supplied seed grew within 2 weeks, we applied the shake no rake a few weeks later and it's turned our grass into a wonderful hue of green, it's never looked this good ever!


2nd year I have bought this, it killed all the moss that grew over winter and come Spring it was just beautiful green grass.

John Marks

This is incredible, it did take a bit of work preparing beforehand as we had to cut the grass and rake over the area but well worth it in the end, top marks.

judy parker

Great Product, I had some law turfed but it didn't even last 4 months. With little knowledge on  lawns, all I did was cut the grass, put the fertiliser and seeds down, grass looks fantastic and the moss/weed killer is a bonus. Much better than the usual brands, but this.

Steady Driver

This is  by far the best I have ever bought. By the end of winter my lawn is usually patchy, yellowing and not so good looking. The results were amazing. Within less than 4 weeks the grass had grown to over 3 inches long and thick and green, you would never tell the sad state it was in not long ago. Would highly recommend to anyone. 

Lesley Wickens

The grass is now luscious green and thick and much better than the front lawn. Very very pleased with this product. Anyone trying to rejuvenate their lawn in a shaded or worn area should use this as it really does work.

Daniel Davies

Great Product. I followed instructions and the Grass is thick and lush Green. Fantastic! Birds will go after the seeds though so make sure you follow the instructions and put some netting over.


Using this for patching due to dogs scratching small areas. Really pleased with the speed it germinated and is growing strongly. Arrived in quick time too. Would definitely use again. Now in the process of doing my other lawn so will be re-ordering soon.


I don't normally write reviews but am very pleased with this product. I used as per instructions during warm conditions and kept it lightly watered daily. I confirm the new seed has filled in the patches and the lawn protection has made it look even better.

judy parker

The package arrived earlier than estimated and well parceled. I bought some of this seed earlier last year for my sons very patchy lawn and we were very impressed. I am doubly impressed by the results, it's now Summer and the grass is looking even better than it did in last summer.

Terence Smith

This was put down as directed but it was early and it was frosty (sorry I forgot!(. So, I didn't really expect to get anything out of it.
Some time later, it has actually taken really well. This not only had to deal with the snow, but also constant use in the area by 2 dogs, so I'm fairly impressed with it.

Nikki Pearce

Extremely pleased with this product! I was so pleased with the end result that i bought another pack to complete the full length of my shared driveway and once again it showed improvement within weeks!! Brilliant!! I highly recommend this product.

Mrs Clements


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