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Lawn Care

How to Kill Weeds in Artificial Grass
Hang on... Didn't you buy artificial grass so that you didn't have to deal with weeds? Sadly you cannot stop[...]
How Long Does Grass Seed take to Grow?
How long does it take to germinate?Short answer:In general anywhere from 7 days to 14 days.Long answer:Providing you have prepared[...]
How to get rid of moss in lawns
Moss is a common problem in lawns across Britain. If you want to keep your lawn looking lush and green,[...]
How to Grow Grass in the Shade
Yes, it is possible to grow a healthy, thick green lawn even in the shade.Getting grass to grow in the[...]
Can you plant grass seed in winter?
Can you plant grass seed in winter?Yes, of course you can but it won't work how you'd imagine.Sowing grass seed[...]
How to Protect Grass in Winter
The woolly jumpers are on, the nights are dark, cold & wet - it's winter in the UK! Winter can[...]

Weed Control:

Raspberry Mulching & Weed Control
How I keep my Raspberry Patch weed free all year round.This time last year we planted some Raspberry canes in[...]
How long does vinegar take to kill weeds?
Vinegar it's good on chips and mixed with salt it can elevate a packet of crisps to god tier! Did[...]
10 Tips to Survive the Battle with Weeds
Top 10 Tips for a Weed Free Garden in 2021As we head into a new gardening season for 2021, I[...]
How to Kill Weeds Permanently
Bye bye weeds...Everyone wants to get rid of their weeds forever, let me tell you right now - it's not[...]
How to Prevent Weeds on Gravel Driveways
Why do weeds grow in gravel?So you've spent a pretty penny on a brand new, great looking gravel driveway.No expense[...]
Glyphosate Weed Killer : Friend or Foe?
Glyphosate Concentrate: Are there Hidden Dangers in Your Weed Killer?Glyphosate in concentrated or ready to use form is the worlds[...]
7 Easy Ways to Kill Weeds in Winter
Ah, the great British winter has arrived. All your weeds will die and you won't have to do any weeding[...]
Successful Mulching for Dummies
What is mulch / mulching?Mulch is a natural or man made covering for bare soil.Usually to qualify as a mulch[...]