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Lawn Care

How & When to Water your Lawn
Do I really need to water my grass?Here in the UK the only time you will have to water your[...]
Lawn Weeds & How to Get the Perfect Lawn
How do I get the perfect lawn?Firstly let me warn you. If you're starting from scratch then attaining the perfect[...]
When to Put Down Grass Seeds?
What month is best to plant grass seed?It's best to sow grass seed in the late summer to early/mid Autumn.Grass[...]
How to Prepare your Lawn for Seeding
Can I just throw down the grass seed? No! Please don't do that. We're not saying it definitely won't work[...]

Weed Control:

The Strongest Weed Killer
Do you need it?I know many would rather not use weed killer, in most cases it simply isn't necessary. Hand weeding[...]
How to Kill Brambles
So, you've got a bramble problem?Brambles are a common sight across the UK. Many love them, many loathe them. Their[...]
10 Tips to Survive the Battle with Weeds
Top 10 Tips for a Weed Free Garden in 2021As we head into a new gardening season for 2021, I[...]
Common Garden Weeds
Determing which plants are weeds and which are not can be tricky at best. In order to eliminate weeds, they[...]
Weed Control Fabric
What is it good for?Weed control fabric is going to be very helpful in some situations, but there is no[...]
How to Kill Weeds on Hard Surfaces
Of all the steps involved in maintaining a healthy and flourishing garden, controlling the invasion of unwanted weeds can sometimes[...]
Easy & Effective Weed Control in a Vegetable Garden
Weeds, the enemy of gardeners.You get rid of one weed and another pops up a few days later. Weeds are[...]
Weed Killer for Brambles
Friend or foe?Love it or hate it, the bramble bush is truly a wonder. Great for bees, delicious fruit but[...]