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Lawn Care

How to fix patchy grass from dog pee
Dogs are a mans best friend but when it comes to lawns they can and will damage it.One of the[...]
How to get rid of moss in lawns
Moss is a common problem in lawns across Britain. If you want to keep your lawn looking lush and green,[...]
How & When to Water your Lawn
Do I really need to water my grass?Here in the UK the only time you will have to water your[...]
What Are Mulch Blades?
Understanding Mulching Blades Mulching blades, often labelled as 3-in-1 or gator blades, are a versatile type of mower blade crafted[...]
Can you plant grass seed in winter?
Can you plant grass seed in winter?Yes, of course you can but it won't work how you'd imagine.Sowing grass seed[...]
How to Kill Grass Permanently
How to Kill Grass Permanently and Start Over (or Not)So you want to kill your lawn and start again? Or[...]

Tough Weeds:

How to Kill Creeping Buttercup
Creeping buttercup, with its distinctive yellow flowers, may look charming in wild settings, but in your garden, it's an unwelcome[...]
Kill Weeds on Block Paving, Patios & Pavers
Hello there! Are you tired of those pesky weeds popping up in your beautiful block paving? Well, you're not alone.[...]
How to Kill & Prevent Ragwort
Ragwort, also known as Senecio jacobaea, is a common weed that can be quite invasive and detrimental to pastures, gardens,[...]
How to Kill Hogweed
Hogweed, notably the invasive giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum), is a plant that can pose significant challenges to both human health[...]
How to Kill Bittercress
Bittercress, including the common hairy bittercress, is a garden invader that poses a challenge for many gardeners and lawn enthusiasts[...]
How to Get Rid of Ivy
Is it Really that Hard?Evergreen and ever growing.  It's low maintenance and year round green make it a popular choice[...]
How to Kill Bracken
Bracken, a common fern in the UK, is often considered a problematic plant due to its aggressive growth and the[...]
How to Kill Trefoil in Lawns
Controlling trefoil in your lawn can be challenging, but with the right approach, it is certainly achievable. Trefoil, particularly lesser[...]

Moss, Mould & Algae

Does Vinegar Kill Moss?
Vinegar, an item commonly found in households, has a wide range of uses beyond culinary purposes, including as a cleaning[...]
How to Kill Moss on Paths
Moss on paths is not only unsightly, but it can also lead to slippery surfaces posing a hazard. If you're[...]
Will Lime Kill Moss?
Many gardeners struggle with the persistence of moss in their lawns, a common issue in gardens with damp, shady conditions[...]
How to Kill Moss on Driveways
Moss on your driveway is not just an aesthetic issue but can also lead to a slippery surface, making it[...]
Does Salt Kill Moss?
Moss can be an unwelcome guest in gardens, on driveways, and on patios, often indicating poor conditions such as excessive[...]
How to Kill Moss on Concrete
Moss may appear to be an insignificant issue, but when it takes hold on concrete surfaces, it can become a[...]
How to Kill Moss and Algae on Fencing
Moss and algae are common issues that can affect the appearance and longevity of garden fencing. The damp climate in[...]
How to Clean and Kill Moss from Artificial Grass
Maintaining artificial grass is essential to ensure its longevity, and one common issue that requires attention is moss growth. Unlike[...]