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Lawn Care

How to Protect Grass in Winter
The woolly jumpers are on, the nights are dark, cold & wet - it's winter in the UK!Winter can be[...]
How to Get the Perfect Lawn
How do I get the perfect lawn?Firstly let me warn you. If you're starting from scratch then attaining the perfect[...]
How to Kill Grass Permanently
How to Kill Grass Permanently and Start Over (or Not)So you want to kill your lawn and start again? Or[...]
How to fix patchy grass from dog pee
Dogs are a mans best friend but when it comes to lawns they can and will damage it.One of the[...]
How to Kill Trefoil in Lawns
Controlling trefoil in your lawn can be challenging, but with the right approach, it is certainly achievable. Trefoil, particularly lesser[...]
How to Kill Weeds in Artificial Grass
Hang on... Didn't you buy artificial grass so that you didn't have to deal with weeds? Sadly you cannot stop[...]

Tough Weeds:

How to Get Rid of Ivy
Is it Really that Hard?Evergreen and ever growing.  It's low maintenance and year round green make it a popular choice[...]
How to Kill Chickweed
Chickweed, with its delicate white flowers and propensity to infiltrate gardens, can be more than just a minor nuisance for[...]
How to Kill Grass Permanently
How to Kill Grass Permanently and Start Over (or Not)So you want to kill your lawn and start again? Or[...]
How to Kill Hogweed
Hogweed, notably the invasive giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum), is a plant that can pose significant challenges to both human health[...]
How to Kill Ground Elder Permanently
Ground elder, also known as Goutweed, is a stubborn and invasive perennial weed that can quickly take over your garden[...]
How to Kill Speedwell in Lawns
Dealing with unwanted plants in your garden, particularly in your lawn, can be a challenging task. Speedwell, with its pretty[...]
How to Get Rid of Dandelions
Welcome to the world of Dandelions! If you’re looking to learn how to get rid of them permanently and forever,[...]
How to Kill Strawberry Plants
If you're grappling with an overgrowth of wild strawberry plants in your garden or lawn, it's important to know that[...]

Moss, Mould & Algae

How to Kill Moss on Block Paving
Moss on block paving is not just an aesthetic nuisance, but it also poses a slip hazard, particularly in wet[...]
Cleaning & Prevention of Moss on Flat Roofs
Moss growth on a flat roof is not just an aesthetic concern but also a potential cause of damage to[...]
How to Kill Moss and Algae on Fencing
Moss and algae are common issues that can affect the appearance and longevity of garden fencing. The damp climate in[...]
How to Kill Moss on Patios
Moss on the patio can be an unsightly and slippery nuisance, compromising not only the aesthetic of your garden but[...]
How to Kill Moss on Tarmac
Moss growing on tarmac driveways and surfaces presents not just an aesthetic issue, but also poses a risk of slips[...]
Will Bleach Kill Moss?
Moss can be an unwelcome guest on your property, often growing on walls, roofs, or driveways where it can cause[...]
How to Kill Moss on Paths
Moss on paths is not only unsightly, but it can also lead to slippery surfaces posing a hazard. If you're[...]
Can You Kill Moss with Baking Soda?
When dealing with the persistent problem of moss in your garden, lawn, or on hard surfaces, you might seek a[...]