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Lawn Care

How to Prepare your Lawn for Seeding
Can I just throw down the grass seed?No! Please don't do that. We're not saying it definitely won't work but[...]
How to Kill Weeds in Artificial Grass
Hang on... Didn't you buy artificial grass so that you didn't have to deal with weeds? Sadly you cannot stop[...]
How to Kill Speedwell in Lawns
Dealing with unwanted plants in your garden, particularly in your lawn, can be a challenging task. Speedwell, with its pretty[...]
Can you plant grass seed in winter?
Can you plant grass seed in winter?Yes, of course you can but it won't work how you'd imagine.Sowing grass seed[...]
How to Kill Grass Permanently
How to Kill Grass Permanently and Start Over (or Not)So you want to kill your lawn and start again? Or[...]
What Are Mulch Blades?
Understanding Mulching Blades Mulching blades, often labelled as 3-in-1 or gator blades, are a versatile type of mower blade crafted[...]

Tough Weeds:

How to Kill Wild Garlic Effectively
Controlling wild garlic in your garden can be a challenging task. This vigorous plant, with its distinctive garlicky odour, is[...]
How to Kill Clover in Lawns
Maintaining a pristine lawn often involves tackling the common issue of clover invasion. Clover, though considered beneficial for the environment,[...]
How to Kill Hogweed
Hogweed, notably the invasive giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum), is a plant that can pose significant challenges to both human health[...]
How to Kill Chickweed
Chickweed, with its delicate white flowers and propensity to infiltrate gardens, can be more than just a minor nuisance for[...]
How to Kill Brambles (Forever)
How to Get Rid of Brambles PermanentlyFriend or foe?Let's talk about a real prickly subject: bramble bushes. These babies are[...]
How to Kill Strawberry Plants
If you're grappling with an overgrowth of wild strawberry plants in your garden or lawn, it's important to know that[...]
How to Kill Stinging Nettles
Ah, Stinging Nettles!That pesky plant that seems to be in every garden, no matter how well groomed it is. If[...]
How to Get Rid of Ivy
Is it Really that Hard?Evergreen and ever growing.  It's low maintenance and year round green make it a popular choice[...]

Moss, Mould & Algae

How to Kill Moss on Tarmac
Moss growing on tarmac driveways and surfaces presents not just an aesthetic issue, but also poses a risk of slips[...]
How to Clean and Kill Moss from Artificial Grass
Maintaining artificial grass is essential to ensure its longevity, and one common issue that requires attention is moss growth. Unlike[...]
How to Kill Moss on Paths
Moss on paths is not only unsightly, but it can also lead to slippery surfaces posing a hazard. If you're[...]
How to Kill Moss on Patios
Moss on the patio can be an unsightly and slippery nuisance, compromising not only the aesthetic of your garden but[...]
Will Lime Kill Moss?
Many gardeners struggle with the persistence of moss in their lawns, a common issue in gardens with damp, shady conditions[...]
How to Kill Moss and Algae on Fencing
Moss and algae are common issues that can affect the appearance and longevity of garden fencing. The damp climate in[...]
How to Kill Moss on Concrete
Moss may appear to be an insignificant issue, but when it takes hold on concrete surfaces, it can become a[...]
Why Should I Remove Moss From a Roof & How?
Moss on your roof isn't just an aesthetic issue; it can lead to more serious problems if left unattended. The[...]