How to Kill Moss, Mould & Algae

Hey there, I am Chelsey, founder of Good Grow.

Ah, moss! It grows everywhere - on roofs, patios, paving even in your lawn. The British Isles is the home of moss, mould & algae.

Don't be overwhelmed! It's not your fault! Our dank, dark, cold & wet weather is the perfect breeding ground for moss, algae & outdoor mould - it's a common problem in gardens across the UK.

There are some obvious ways to kill moss, mould & algae, you can do it the "ole" fashioned natural way using some elbow grease and a few common tools or you can choose to use a dedicated moss killer / cleaner.

Whichever way you choose, your first task is to decide which method you are going to try then of course find the best way to eliminate it wherever it's growing.

We've done it all! We've killed moss on roof tiles, algae & mould on fence posts, scraped years of moss from gravel driveways - let us hold your hand and show you how the experts get rid of these PESKY biofilms.

Moss, Mould & Algae Guides

Why Kill Moss, Mould & Algae?

By far the best way to naturally kill these biofilms is to do it manually. 

However if you have a big job, there are plenty of safe biocides that will do the job too.

  • Scrape it away. Grab your trusty hoe or rake and go to town on that moss. Work up a sweat, get your heartrate racing then smile at a job well done. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done under your own steam - it's not hard, just time consuming.
  • Keep your surfaces clean. Dirty, damaged surfaces will attract moss and once it gets a foothold it will spread, the same applies to mould & algae. Don't let it get a foothold, monitor your garden regularly and when you see it, kill it - or it will get bigger!
  • Drainage, drainage, drainage! All 3 of these biofilms love moisture! Ensure your wooden surfaces are treated to stop them absorbing moisture. Aerate your lawn to improve drainage and make sure water runs off your decking and paving otherwise you know what will happen!
  • Moss can be beautiful. It's soft on the toes and it's year round green has made moss a popular choice for "lawns" - many have resorted to not battling moss but embracing it - it is certainly a lot less work than a regular grass lawn and requires almost no maintenance.
  • Mould & algae can damage woodwork. An untreated wooden surface will absorb water. Mould and algae will bloom, if left unchecked your fence posts, decking and other wooden surfaces will rot and be a nasty colour of green - maintain your wooden gates and surfaces or pay the price!

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