Weed Killers : What's Best?

Weeds, weeds, weeds - they are a gardeners worst enemy.

Sometimes the easiest way to remove weeds is to use a little elbow grease and just pull them out root & stem.

But when they become to numerous or too large it may be time to call in the chemicals - sometimes you just need a strong weed killer.

But not all weed killers are created equal, some are good in lawns, some only target specific weeds and of course there's ones that kill everything.

Weed killers should be a last resort but if you need one we've got you covered.

Best Weed Killers

Why use weed killers?

We are huge proponents of using manual methods to will weeds, it's often quicker and much more effective than using a weed killer but there are times when weed killers are the best choice:

  • Tough weeds: Ivy, Brambles, Nettles & Horsetail are all almost impossible to remove without using a weed killer - sometimes chemicals are the better choice!
  • Large areas: Is your garden or property completely overrun with weeds? Large areas can take weeks or even months to clear weeds that would only take an hour or two with a weed killer.
  • Time saving: In a fast paced world where many don't have the time to spend hours in the garden a strong weed killer is a time saver, spray it over your weeds and your done!

It's not all positive! Weed killers can be harmful to the environment and may even pose a risk to human health.

  • It's poison! Yes, weed killers are basically plant poison. Even so called homemade weed killers like Salt and Vinegar will do untold harm to insect life in your garden.
  • Some don't even work! There is a big push in the gardening world to so called "organic" weed killers like Horticultural vinegar but these "eco-friendly" weed killers only burn away the visible part of the weeds leaving the roots intact - strawberry plants & raspberry bushes will simply regrow.
  • Moss & mould: Here in the UK Moss is prevalent in gardens and often a bigger problem than weeds - weed killers for the most part do not work against moss, mould or algae!

One final thing...

If you decide to use a weed killer, always READ THE LABEL and follow the instructions for safe usage.

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