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Do you need it?

I know many would rather not use weed killer, in most cases it simply isn't necessary. 

Hand weeding is often easier, quicker and just as effective, Pick the head and pull the roots then your done.

It's free and unless your whole garden is overgrown, has a lot of weeds or some particularly tough ones your almost always better off doing it manually.

Sadly this doesn't work on all weeds.

Perennials such as Ivy or Brambles can regrow from even a small fragment of root. Don't get it all and you'll be back to square one.

Annuals such as daisies will quickly spread their seed far and wide, don't get them early enough and they will spread, kill them to late and they will pop up elsewhere.

How do weed killers work?

Most of the popular weed killers work by disrupting the photosynthesis process of the plant.

You simply apply the weed killer and it is absorbed by the plant, the weed killer acts as a poison and kills the plant.

Please note, you should always take care with garden chemicals. Weed killers when used incorrectly can be hazardous to the environment. Always read the label & follow the instructions for safe use.

There are two main types of weed killer. Systemic and selective:

  • Systemic weed killers will kill everything.
  • Selective weed killers won't, these are commonly used in lawns to kill lawn weeds.

Do you want it?

Weed killer certainly makes your life easier....

Here are 5 reasons why you should use weed killer...

1 It's Effortless

Zero sweat required. No more bending, digging, scraping or kneeling. Just spray it and wait, dead weeds every time.

2 It's Effective

Triple effect. Kills the root, kills the weed & prevents regrowth. Kills tough weeds like Brambles, Ivy & Nettles.

3 It's Fun!

Who knew spraying weeds would be so addictive. Once you try this you will never go back to scraping & digging.

4 It's Easy to Use

Get rid of your weeds in minutes. Saves you time, effort & sweat: pour it, pump it, spray it & wait. It's that easy.

5 It's Extra Strong

It kills ALL garden weeds, effortlessly. Choose your extra strong weed killer & claim your free weed sprayer today.




Kill ALL your weeds, effortlessly with extra strong weed killer that kills everything.

What are some of the strongest?

Different strokes for different folks. Different weeds and locations require different kinds of weed killer.

Therefore there is no one strongest weed killer that works everywhere.

Instead there are numerous strong weed killers that are suitable for different jobs.


The worlds most popular weed killer. It is used across the world in gardens, farms & public places. We love this stuff. It's not difficult to see why, it's an effective and super strong weed killer.

Glyphosate is systemic, will kill grass and pretty much every other plant it touches. Used to kill annuals, perennials, woody perennials and tree stumps.

Glyphosate is used with 85% of GM crops grown globally.

Worldwide we consume roughly 650,000 tonnes of Glyphosate annually worth around $6.5 billion and it's use keeps on increasing in large part due to it's use with GM crops (source).


A very popular "homemade" herbicide. Often combined with salt and some dish soap.

It works well in warm conditions and is a non selective weed killer. If over used it can harm your soil PH levels.

Works well on small weeds, would need industrial quantities for large weeds like brambles.

Overall a good, cheap homemade weed killer that is ideally suited for small weeds and small areas.


The oldest weed killer. People have been using it for centuries. It's also useful for combating other garden pests. Enemy combatants would salt each others land to prevent crops from growing leading to starvation.

Pretty evil huh? Salt is a non selective and very effective weed removal and prevention tool.

Often combined with water and dish soap it is sprayed onto the weeds which absorb it and they die.

Sodium Chlorate

Was a popular weed killer in the UK that was long lasting and worked very well.

I believe it is now banned as it was hazardous and potentially dangerous as it left residues.

We don't recommend you use this product.


A selective weed killer that is used to kill woody weeds such as brambles, nettles and unwanted saplings.

It's formulated so that it won't kill grass and can be used safely in turfed areas. Typically mixed with water in a knapsack or sprayer but can also be used in a watering can.

It's one drawback is that it persists in soil for up to 6 months meaning you can't replant after use.

Want The Strongest, Toughest Weed Killer?

Tough, Fast & Effective...

Strong weed killer, that kills everything it touches.

The worlds most popular is also the world strongest weed killer. The winner is Glyphosate.

Why? Because it works well in almost any situation (except lawns and aquatic environments).

It kills 99% of weeds in one application. It's also safe to use as long as it's used correctly.

A special mention goes out to vinegar and salt. If you're just killing some small weeds on your gravel drive or block paving then try one of these first.

aboutserly brilliant

kill weeds on block drive yes very good

Peter Dennis

Large areas of gravel drive and flagged areas. Killed everything in one application as long as you apply it on a dry preferably sunny day and no rain for 24hours. Then two weeks later all weeds dead.

James Berry

Brilliant weed killer I have no weeds on paths and since using it the paths are weed free for the last two years using it Great stuff Successful yes I am weed free

Charles Stone

Originally to clear an area overgrown with ivy, brambles and nettles. Now it’s used to keep the paths and drive clear and sorting out any other weeds. Very successful. Ione application killed most of the ivy, nettles and brambles. A second dose dealt with any that remained. Excellent product and service.

Maddy Wildblood

very very good

front and side drive yes it was brilliant

peter dennis

This time i used on stingers in my neighbour's and own rear gardens because of rain they had griwn to 3 feet. Also did smaller weeds on front drives. You need patience. After a few days you think it was a waste time, but then you notice the leaves have started to drop and after a week you can see them dying. Going to do my sons garden today. Will purchase again

John Beck

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The Strongest Weed Killer?


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  • Sally Longley says:

    I need to treat a neglected half acre garden, with well established rampant bramble takeover. The problem is that due to the terraced nature and various stone walls much of this is not diggable. I need the most effective and quickest systemic eradicator. Not easy, but have read that a COMBINATON of Triclopor and min 360g/lt Glysophate will definitely do the trick. Is this so? obviously this has to be tackled year on year, but need quick initial clear-out. This is in Devon, so brambles grow most of the year due to the mild, wet climate in Winter.

  • roseann says:

    I want to kill everything, that means brambles weeds exct , what do I buy,and where , thank you

  • michael griffiths says:

    what have you got to kill off mares tail?

  • ann-marie Jennings says:

    Hello. I really need advice on how to get rid of unwanted grass, shrubs etc. I have a useless piece of area that there’s nothing I can do with but I’m liable for keeping it trim..a job that I cannot do…so I would like advice on strong killer to eliminate them.

  • Mario says:

    Great information, Thank you.

  • Christine Windsor says:

    I have horsetail weed I’ve used300 pounds of rosette and it’s still growing widely,can you help please.

  • Bob matthews says:

    I have approx 16-17 square metre of fencing covered in ivy. would you kindly recommend one of the glyphosate weedkillers.
    I have read all reports on them and all of them reckon they are the best but customers seem to have had bad results on some of them,thank you.

  • Kenny says:

    What is the best weed killer to kill off horse mate tail

  • Donough McGillycuddy says:

    I found an old plastic bucket of Sodium Chlorate in a friend’s garden shed. I remember using the stuff long ago quite safely from a watering can with a rose sprinkler. I believe the mixture to have been 2 dessert spoons to 10 lt. Please could you verify?
    Kind regards,

  • Tony says:

    My patio has about 600 paving slabs and it an on going hard work to get rid of weeds, because of a little pet dog I use burning flame it become expensive buying gas cannisters.

    My questions; As per your tip using salt.

    Salt, is that normal table salt?

    How much salt, and washing soap per one litre of water.

    How long before my pet dog need to wait before going on the patio?

    • Chelsey says:

      For salt and washing soap your dog will be fine. Use as much salt as you can. Normal table salt will work fine

  • Bezark says:

    Sodium chlorate was used by the IRA for bombmaking and was banned. (They shifted to Semtex anyway.)

    It likely does not leave a dangerous residue. Potassium chlorate would be a serious fire and explosion hazard but sodium chlorate is deliquescent and absorbs water from the atmosphere preventing this risk.

  • Rusty says:

    I have a 15-gallon spray tank that I use to put down weed killer (ground clear). can you tell me what the ratios would be using vinegar, salt, and dishwashing liquid? Do you need any water?

    • Chelsey says:

      Use as much vinegar as possible, a squeeze of dish soap and a lot of salt. Table salt is cheap and depending on the vinegar + type of weeds a 50/50 dilution usually works

  • Michael Bernard du Feu says:

    Hi , I have used 20% vinegar successfully before, and have more coming from on line purchasing ( UK ) . However, the sprayer has now ” melted ” due to the acid content. Do you know of any acid resistant sprayers ?
    Would appreciate your advice
    Thanks , Mike

  • Dee | Grammy's Grid says:

    We haven’t found anything that works, homemade or store bought. An employee of our electricity company gave us a small sample of the formula they use to keep the power lines free of trees and brush, trying it this weekend, hope it works.

  • Trevil says:

    I have tried all of this, the only thing that I have found that works is acid that is used to strip paint, like Klean-Strip.

  • John says:

    Excellent reviews. What proportion of salt boiling water Vinegar and washing up liquid do you suggest?
    Many thanks

  • Shannon Sharpe says:

    How much salt to vinegar to water and the other one that starts with the G I’m a first time home owner with a bad back and have lots of rocks and the former owner told me if I don’t get the weeds out of the rocks the HOA WILL FINE PER WEED so I need to know what kills dandelion weeds to the root.

    • Jason says:

      Salt and Vinegar
      Because they’re so dangerous to other plants, it’s best to use salt and vinegar in places like walkways where weeds grow between bricks or pavers — basically, anywhere not adjacent to or within a prime growing area.

      A concentrated pour is generally a good way to go, or you can use a spray bottle with a focused stream rather than a diffused wide spray so the weed killer goes where you want it and nowhere else.

      If you’re using it on, say, a rock wall with a moss problem or a meandering walkway with grass sprouting up, then it might do the trick for you. Still, many experts aren’t a fan of this natural weed-killing solution, so expect your mileage to vary.

      Using Salt to Kill Weeds
      Water-diluted salt will do a good job on its own with weeds if you don’t have vinegar around. Start with a ratio of 3 parts water to 1 part salt — table salt will do — mixing until combined. Apply this carefully to the weed-prone area.

      The trouble is that sodium is a mineral, and the sodium ion won’t vanish, so it can be a problem for anything you plant there down the line, hence why you want to be careful using salt.

      For areas in which you’ll plant again, simply mix a liter of vinegar with a teaspoon of liquid dish detergent. Spray as needed on weeded areas, as there’s no fear of it leaving a toxic residue above or below ground. Just don’t expect it to be as effective as you hope because household vinegar just doesn’t cut it.

      Salt, Vinegar and Soap Mixture
      The University of Maryland Extension’s studies on vinegar being an effective weed killer were done with a 20-percent-acidity vinegar, which can be dangerous since it’s toxic and can burn skin let alone plants. Stick to the usual 5 percent acidity in household vinegar. The same goes for salt — normal, cheap table salt is all you need. The brand doesn’t matter for liquid dish soap either, as you only need a few drops.

      To 1 gallon of white, 5-percent-acidity vinegar, add 2 cups of salt and 1 teaspoon of soap. Stir or shake until all the salt dissolves. Apply it to your weeded area with care. It may take several applications to get down into the root and kill the plant entirely.

      Others recommend a weaker solution of 1 gallon of vinegar, 1 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of dish detergent. Combine them and use them in the same fashion. Either concoction will keep indefinitely once mixed.

  • Pauline says:

    Very useful info so thank you but will any work on bamboo

  • Scott says:

    Tried pulling them cutting digging spraying the salt vinegar soap and store bought crap a few more times then I should. I need the big guns what kills weeds? I have Clover , dollar weed, sedge, and I call baby dollar weed. Its small leaf 1/4 the size and grows like a mat rather then a stem up. Need to level the yard and start again since heavy equipment tore up the yards

  • Mick Aston says:

    If I use a Glyphosate weed killer, how long would it be that i could plant veg etc and would it be harmfull to chickens

    • Chelsey says:

      Keep the chickens away till it’s dry, I wouldn’t let them eat it either, so maybe fence it off or net it over till it’s all dead… Planting veg can be done once the weeds are dead

  • Audrey says:

    You used to sell a weed kill dispenser. Unfortunately the little red “plug” got blasted out of mine and it no longer works. Is there any chance I could buy a new dispenser. (It’s the easiest I’ve ever used)
    Here’s hoping

  • Mrs Loretta Bossons says:

    The back entry to our house is overgrown with all sorts of weeds, but we also have lots of dogs and cats, so I NEED a animal safe weed killer, please can you help! Thank you Loretta Bossons

  • Marion says:

    I need advice on how to permanently get rid of bindweed. It plagues my border every year. I have tried digging it out but any small amount left comes back 10 fold! Annoyingly it is in with a lot of perennial stock I have built up over the years. What is the best solution?

    • Chelsey says:

      You can apply a systemic weed killer selectively with a paint brush or other accurate application device, a sprayer or watering can will likely result in drift to perennials you would I assume like to keep… Most strong weed killers only kill plants that absorb it through the leaves (foliage), they don’t soak into the ground and kill everything

  • Bentley says:

    I bought the SBK ‘tough’Weedkiller, its useless. Don’t buy this product.

  • Simon says:

    I am inundated with mares tail. The roots are deep and long and it survives all weed killers I have tried.
    Any solution please?

  • Nicola says:

    Does this product work on moss? Scrubbed my very large tarmac drive, every garden wall and between patio flags with a wire brush last year and can’t beat the thought of having to go through that again!!! Thanks!

  • John Swales says:

    How do I know that dogs or cats or even hedgehogs won’t be poisoned ?

  • Morag says:

    Does this eradicate horsetail

  • Paul m says:

    Does this kill bamboo shoots

  • >