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How & When to Water your Lawn

Do I really need to water my grass?Here in the UK the only time you will have to water your lawn is during Summer even then you may not need to water it at all unless there is a prolonged period without rain during the summer.When planting grass seeds you will have to water your […]

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How Long Does Grass Seed take to Grow?

How long does it take to germinate?Short answer:In general anywhere from 7 days to 14 days.Long answer:Providing you have prepared your seed bed correctly you should start to see your new grass seeds germinate within 7 -10 days depending on the types of seeds, time of year, soil temperatures & more. Need Grass Seed?Try the […]

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How to Prepare your Lawn for Seeding

Can I just throw down the grass seed?No! Please don’t do that. We’re not saying it definitely won’t work but it will be more than sub-optimal.Yes you might get lucky and your sprinkle of the seeds may germinate but don’t rely on luck…Read on and find out how to prepare your lawn for seeding & […]

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When to Put Down Grass Seeds?

What month is best to plant grass seed?It’s best to sow grass seed in the late summer to early/mid Autumn. Grass seeds love warm & moist soil which allows them to germinate quickly. You can also sow the seeds throughout Spring, Summer & Autumn but weather conditions vary across the UK.  to find out how to […]

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Lawn Weeds & How to Get the Perfect Lawn

How do I get the perfect lawn?Firstly let me warn you. If you’re starting from scratch then attaining the perfect lawn will take time, effort and patience. It won’t be achieved in one season. Maintaining your pristine lawn can be done in as little as 10 minutes per day. Remember procrastination is a gardeners 2nd worse enemy… Just in […]

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