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Secrets Revealed: The Perfect, Weed Free Lawn.

The Secrets of a Perfect, Weed Free Lawn. How do I get the perfect lawn?Get the basics right first.Monitor & improve your soil.Choose a suitable grass.Mow regularly but not too short.Water deeply but not too often.Weeds, weeds, everywhereHow to identify your weedsWhy do weeds grow in lawns?Common lawn weeds.Daisy.White Clover.Dandelion.Broad-leaved Dock.Creeping Thistle.Moss.Lesser Trefoil.Greater Plantain.Creeping Buttercup.Knotgrass.Common […]

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Organic Garden Weed Control for the Cheap & Lazy

Quick Navigation Why use organic methods?When to control weedsControlling weeds organicallyPrevention is the best cureHand weedingManual toolsCrowding outSalt & hot waterOrganic mulchingLandscaping fabricCorn gluten mealOrganic weed killer7 easy steps for the cheap & lazyThings you should avoid Why use organic methods?Many gardeners are extremely passionate about doing things the natural, organic way. It’s often cheaper […]

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10 Tips to Survive the Battle with Weeds

Top 10 Tips for a Weed Free Garden in 2017As we head into a new gardening season for 2016, I was thinking about how we can reduce our time spent on weeding. It’s a common problem, we’re as guilty as anyone, putting off small weeding jobs which quickly become large ones because the weather isn’t […]

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6 Super Effective Homemade Weed Killers

Strongest homemade weed killers It sounds to good to be true!6 strong homemade weed killers1# Vinegar2# Salt3# Boiling hot water4# Bleach5# Newspaper or cardboard6# salt, vinegar & dish soapHow and where to use them?Be safe with home made weed killersWhat are the alternatives? It sounds to good to be true!Yes it is possible to make […]

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Hand Weeding Your Garden

How to Weed by Hand or Hoe 10 minutes a day, that’s it.How to get rid of weeds with your hands.Tools that can help.Do it sooner rather than later. 10 minutes a day, that’s it.Don’t laugh, it’s true. 10 minutes each day working in the garden will give you some exercise and keep your garden […]

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