How to Kill Brambles & Blackberries UK : Eliminate Brambles with Ease

Kill Brambles Forever.

Get rid of Brambles, Quickly & Easily.

So, you've got a bramble problem?

Brambles are a common sight across the UK. Many love them, many loathe them. Their sharp, large thorns can be dangerous for pets and kids and even if you do cut them back they tend to grow back with a vengeance very quickly.

What do I need to kill brambles, forever?

Before you start your bramble killing spree you'll need a few things:

  • Secateurs, a brush cutter or garden shears.
  • Gardeners gloves (save you picking thorns out your hands later)
  • A spade or something to dig the brambles out once dead
  • GoodGrow pump n spray or pump n spray deluxe (buy here)

Kill Brambles for Good!?

Just pour, pump & spray. The result is DEAD BRAMBLES, EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

1) Prepare your brambles.

Wait till Spring or until your brambles have enough leaves (foilage) to absorb the weed killer. They should be actively growing and be green, preferably before the bees start to colonise it too (you don't want to get stung!)

  • ​Wait for a calm, warm day with no forecast for rain (if it rains you may have to do it again)
  • Cut back any overhang and ensure brambles aren't near any plants you want to keep
  • Prepare the weed killer according to the instructions on the product label

2) Spray your brambles.

Once you have prepared the weed killer, now you just have to spray them.

  • Spray every part of the leafs and stems ensuring they are well coated 
  • Watch for overspill, this weed killer is active in small doses.
  • It's better to mix to little than too much, you can always mix more later.

3) Wait, be patient, give it time.

Wait 1-4 weeks, the older and larger the brambles the longer it will take to kill.

  • Your brambles will start to turn brown and slowly die from the inside out
  • Our product penetrates right down to the roots, killing the whole plant
  • If there is any regrowth, re-apply the weed killer to the re-growth.

4) Dig or pull those brambles out!

That's it! Your brambles problem is now solved. After they have turned brown and shriveled they are dead.

We recommend you dig them out as it can take many years for them to decompose of their own accord​ and the thorns will still be sharp and may be dangerous for your pets or kids. Once they're gone, they won't come back.


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