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Shake no Rake 100m2


  • Treats upto 100m2
  • Kills & Prevents Weeds
  • Kills & Prevents Moss
  • Fast acting & long lasting
  • Nourishes & feeds lawns
  • Fast & Free Delivery
  • Kills Lawns Weeds & Prevents Regrowth. Kills common lawn weeds and prevents regrowth for months at a time with a single application.
  • Eliminates Moss (Effortlessly). Provides long lasting control of moss in lawns. Just shake the packet and watch your moss die in a matter of days, no rake – just shake.
  • Protects & Nourishes. Packed full of all the nutrients your lawn needs to survive & thrive.  Get a greener, healthier, denser lawn in a matter of days – no effort required.
  • Coverage. Each packet will treat 100m2. Get results FAST – no more lawn weeds, no moss & a better looking, healthier lawn – no effort required.
  • Easy & Effortless. Just spread it across your lawn and wait for rain. Can be applied year round (3-4x max)

Your results:

This years lawn is fantastic

I wish I’d took a before picture. I just wanted to share with you the results of your lawn protection I used this year for the first time!

Our little lawn had never looked to healthy, usually battling with weeds of which covered the lawn up to about 75%.

This years lawn is fantastic! 

Many thanks 

Paul & Jane

Trouble with weeds

I don't have the energy I once did so when I seen this product it seemed ideal, I was sceptical at first but after a few days my grass was greener and the weeds started to die, to my surprise the grass grew where the weeds once were and now my lawn is just grass, super product and excellent customer service when I needed it


It used to be a mess

This is a good product. I moved house last year and the new lawn was full of weeds and moss almost to the point where I contemplated replacing it, it was a mess.

Some weeds die off faster than others. I had to give the lawn a lighter second treatment a few months in, but finally I have a weed free garden.

Sadly, it doesn't stop my dog peeing on the lawn and killing off patches, but I do have a nice thick, dark green, weed free lawn.

Thomas Beck

Beyond Happy

I am beyond happy with the results. To my surprise, grass seeds which I had planted just a few weeks after application has germinated and is growing well. 

The lawn has thickened up significantly and no longer browns up after very short mowing. (I have been using a very old hover mower which we have had for over 10 years, the blade is warped and blunt yet the grass still holds up).

I truly cannot recommend this product enough.

Sean Connell

Already Greener

After winter last year the grass wasn't looking very good, it was full of weeds, yellow and patchy, so I mowed the lawn, gave it few days and applied this.

It's been 4 days and ,y grass is already greener, I can't say about the weeds yet but the moss is dying.

UPDATE: The weeds in the grass died after a few weeks, haven't seen any new ones grow and it's still green.

Emma V



1 It's Effortless

Zero sweat required. Seriously no rake, just shake and wait for rain (or water it in) - child and pet friendly solution.

2 It's Effective

Triple effect. Kills moss, eliminates weeds & feeds your lawn all the nutrition it needs for greener, denser, luscious grass.

3 Apply Anytime

Year round protection & nourishment. A single treatment will feed your lawn for 8 weeks, kill moss and weeds for months - it even works in the winter, the only lawn treatment you'll ever need.


How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver within 1-4 working days. This may be extended during holidays such as bank holidays and Christmas.


How much is delivery?

All orders qualify for free UK delivery.


Can I use it with kids / pets?

Yes but please exclude pets and children from the area until it has dissolved (a few hours after rain or water it in)

Do I need any special equipment?

No! Just your hands - it's effortless even for larger lawns


How does it work?

Sprinkle it on to your lawn from the packet, use your hands or a spreader and cover your lawn in the granules. Once it's rained or been watered in it gets to work.

Within days your grass will be brighter and better looking. Within hours your moss will blacken and die. In around a week your lawn weeds will start to die off.


Will this work in winter?

It will protect your lawn year round. Please don't overdo it, your lawn should only require 1-3 treatments per year.


How long does it take to work?

You should start to see results within days. Within a few weeks your lawn will look brighter, denser and healthier. Please note it may look worse before it gets better.


How much do I need?

Our small package is suitable for upto 50m2, you only need roughly a handful per m2 (32g per m2).

We recommend always have some extra in case you miss any parts or there are troublesome spots that need an extra treatment


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