Hand Weeding Your Garden


10 minutes a day, that's it.

Don't laugh, it's true. 10 minutes each day working in the garden will give you some exercise and keep your garden weed free.

Do not put it off, the longer you leave the weeds the bigger they'll grow and the harder they will be remove.

Some weeds will spread seed if you don't catch them soon enough. If at all possible try to identify the weed and remove it before it has a chance to spread seed.

How to get rid of weeds with your hands.

There is few other tasks that are as satisfying as eliminating every last weed in the garden. Here are some tips:

  • Plan your weeding during nice weather to make it more enjoyable.
  • Water before weeding. Weeds are easier to pull completely out when the soil is moist.
  • Wear gardeners gloves to protect yourself from cuts and stings
  • Make sure you get it all, roots and all or it might grow back.
  • For weeds in block paving you can use boiling hot water
  • Salt is also a good choice on hard surfaces like paths & drives
  • Use a pad under your knees for comfort when kneeling

Tools that can help.

Dandelion daggers: The sharp knotched edges will help you pry up stubborn weeds.

Trowel: Can easily dig weeds out of top soil or shallow gravel.

Weeding knife: Great for eliminating and scraping the weeds from the cracks in paving.

A good brush & rake: Keep your paths and lawns clear of debris to prevent weeds growing in or on them.

A garden hoe: Makes life easier on your back, make sure you get weeds before the seeds appear otherwise you be planting them with your hoe!

Do it sooner rather than later.

The earlier you remove the weed the better. Don't give them a chance to develop large root structures or spread their seeds.

If you let them grow they will thrive and quickly spread across your whole garden. 10 minutes each day looking for weeds will save you time and money down the road.

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Hey there, I am founder and editor in chief here at Good Grow. I guess I've always known I was going to be a gardener. I'm on a mission to share my UK based weed control & lawn care tips with you all. If you have any queries please post in the comments below.

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