How to Prevent & Kill Weeds on Gravel Driveways

Gravel Drive Weeds

Prevent and kill weeds on gravel driveways.

Why do weeds grow in gravel?

So you've spent a pretty penny on a brand new, great looking gravel driveway.

No expense spared, the contractor even laid weed control fabric and promised you weeds wouldn't grow on your sparkling new drive.

Ha! Weeds will grow anywhere & everywhere. Gravel drives are no exception. Even the best weed control fabric can only delay the inevitable.

It won't stop new weeds from  blowing in and sprouting on top of your gravel. Don't lose hope, we're here to show you it can be done with a little work.

No more gravel weeds!

Goodbye weeds, for GOOD!

How can I prevent them?

Before laying you gravel drive ensure you have killed all the weeds that were there before.

We recommend you use a very strong weed killer, that kills down to the roots. Glyphosate based weed killers are best and will kill anything it touches.

Spray the driveway 3-4 weeks before it's due to start and respray any new regrowth a day or two before work begins.

This will ensure all your weeds are dead and when your contractor lays the weed control fabric you can be sure there are no leftover weeds to grow through it.

Using salt to prevent weeds in gravel:

One of the easiest, cheapest and most natural ways to kill weeds in your gravel drive is to use salt.

Be warned you're going to need a lot of salt, you'll also need water, a sprayer, some dish soap (Fairy will do) and some free time on a warm day.

  • Dilute the salt and water. You'll need roughly 1kg of salt per 2 litre of water.
  • Add the dish soap last otherwise it will foam up when adding water. Shake or stir it.
  • Spray you're whole gravel driveway, you may need to make a lot.

If your graveled area is large then using salt this way may not be ideal. You could buy large bags of rock salt and spread it across your drive.

The rain will dilute it, soaking the ground beneath, this won't be as effective as the method mentioned above.

Salt is a non selective weed killer, it will also soak into the ground and prevent weeds from growing.

The more salt you use the longer it will last and the more effective it will be. It's the perfect tool for killing and preventing weeds on gravel drives.

Using weed killer to prevent weeds in gravel:

If you have a large graveled area then salt may not be an economical or viable strategy for ridding yourself of weeds.

Pre-emergent weed killers such as Kerb Flo will prevent weeds from ever taking up roots, they typically last a few months.

They can be useful but costs will quickly add up if you have to apply it every 3-4 months.

We recommend you use a glyphosate based weed killer. It won't prevent weeds from growing but one spray and it will kill any live weeds right down to the roots.

They won't grow back but you may have to re-apply the weed killer on new weeds as they pop up.

What is the best way to prevent weeds in my drive?

The number one rule is to kill all weeds before getting your gravel laid. Do this 3-4 weeks in advance, then re-spray any new growth 1-3 days before the gravel is due to be put down.

If there are weeds they will eventually grow through even the thickest landscaping fabric.

Salt is an effective tool for prevention of weeds on gravel but it can only do so much. 

If the weeds are numerous then choose a weed killer or hand weed before they spread their seed.

How do I permanently get rid of weeds in my driveway?

Keep your driveway clear of debris and mud. Any mud will be quickly colonised by weeds.

Use a strong weedkiller when the weeds appear and if possible spread salt across the gravel a few times per year.

We have a much more in depth article about getting rid of weeds forever, click here.

What is the best weed killer for gravel drives?

We recommend the Good Grow pump and spray. Just pour, pump & spray.

One application kills 99% of weeds and it's highly effective on gravel driveways.

Affordable, easy to use & effective. For larger areas you can choose the Pump n Spray deluxe.

No more gravel weeds!

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